When Sheets Attack

January 8, 2009
By Courtney Apthorp, Lakewood, WA

On a very fine Thursday
I decided to lie in bed
Certainly unaware
Of the trouble that lied ahead

I snuggled under the covers
And got cozy on my back
And by surprise they caught me
My sheets began to attack

They covered my whole body
And tangled me in them
It was definitely obvious
That I could never win

I had a revelation
And my thoughts came running back
I remembered the training I had taken
For when your sheets attack

I calmed myself down
For the scissors I began to reach
And as I started cutting
The sheets began to screech

The sheets tossed and turned
As I killed them with my madness
And upon their murder
I was washed over with a sadness

A note lie on my bedside
Asking me to read
And as I did so
I felt guilty for my deed

The sheets, they had warned me
They would attack me just for fun
For we hadn't played in a while
I was always on the run

They had asked me not to panic
Just to play along
And I began to cry
As I noticed I was wrong

On a very sad Thursday
I threw away a good friend
Certainly aware
I was the reason for it's end.

The author's comments:
Of course this is an outrageous piece and i would never cut my sheets, and they would not leave me a note, but I did happen to lie in bed and the sheets tangled around me. I dont know why but I lied there in my tangled sheets creating this poem.

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