Just A Fairy Tale

January 8, 2009
By Eric Brown, Chula Vista, CA

A tale of two,
A heart-breaker—my own;
The story of me and you
~All that misses, now
Is the 'Happily Ever After',
For my dream has yet to come true

Once upon a time,
I fell in love
And I thought that was true for us both
~But I was a fool;
'Twas a trick, a ploy,
You made me question everything that I'd known
So along came Cupid
To shoot me in the ass,
Help me find my "True Love"
~But instead I found you,
A classic Trojan Horse;
…Cupid's aim is bad from above…

From outside your castle
I wait patiently at the gates,
Hoping you'll let me in
-Me: "Oh, dear, My Love,
What a big knife you have…"
-You: "The better to stab you in the back with!"

So as the knife sets in
You growl, "I love you"
And your nose begins to grow
~Shove your foot in your mouth
You're not real at all
The biggest liar I've known

Back still bleeding
Heart still throbbing
I bee-line for an escape
-You: "No really, I mean it,
I want to be with you!"
-Me: "Here's the shovel,
You're digging your own grave"

Please be loving
Please be for real
Let the aching pain go away
~And as poor little me
Lies down to dream one last time
Allow this night to turn into day

My bruised little heart
Sat, perched, in my chest
My bruised little heart
Thought you were the best
My bruised little heart
Didn't watch his back
My bruised little heart
Couldn't survive your attack

And all of my prayers
And all of my dreams
Couldn't heal my little heart,
As all it's love bleeds

And so comes the end
Of a story told true
I died alone ever after
Because I fell in love with you

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