Where I'm From

December 18, 2008
By Paul Leonard, Columbia, MO

I'm from a family of vegetarians
From hanging out with my cousins
To shooting a video with them
From watching my favorite TV show, Heroes
To meeting the brain-eating serial killer
From listening to my favorite teacher
Mr. Papadopoulos crack us up with his jokes
I'm from a yellow-brick house
On a street called Yale
From the back yard with the old tree house
To the front yard where my cat sits on the porch
As if she had nothing else to do all day
I'm from a line of Germans on my mom's side
The Vonkuckelmanns they were once called
I'm from Christmas at my grandmothers house
Where excitement is flowing through the air
I'm from riding the golf cart
With my granddad up in front
And the cool breeze of the wind rushing through my hair
I'm from family vacations every year
Where we ride horses and rick climb
And go to the barn to play with the kittens
Where we white water raft
And the icy cold water splashes our faces
My Alaskan cruise will always be a part of me
Where we ate gourmet every night
And stayed up late to watch the water go by
Where we sailed to shore
And brought souvenirs
I'm from laughter and fun and hope and adventure

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