That One Night

December 8, 2008
By Tayler Morales, Sunnyside, WA

Yeah I regret what I did...
Nobodies PERFECT!!!
I HATE what I put everyone through..
Just for me to have fun..
Just for that ONE night..
That ONE night I got that phone call...
That ONE night I wasn't where I was suppose to be..
That ONE night when EVERYTHING went wrong!!!
It didn't turn out like it was SUPPOSE to!!!
I had people thinking the WORST...
I had my mom crying!!
Thats what I regret the most...
Seeing how much I let her down and how much I hurt her...
It hurt me sooo much to see the disappointment in my parents eyes!!
Just for that ONE night!!
for me to have fun just for ONe night!!!
That night I got that phone call..
That ONE night I didn't go home!!!

The author's comments:
This poem is very personal...its something that i acualy went throgh...this is my part of the story!!!

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