september 11th poem

November 16, 2008
By CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
CHAnelle GOLD, Cuyahgoa Falls, Ohio
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everyone sitting careless today
not knowing this might be there last day away
children laughing playing games
parents trying to keep their kids sane
not knowing soon it would not be the same
it hit us so hard it was a shame
soon more and more stared to die
half the children started to cry
everyone watched in horror
knowing mommy and daddy might not ever come back thourgh the door
it killed many people that night
that horrible crash was sure a fright
we prayed to god we could stay alive
but many could care less if he was dead or up high
when it ended i sat in amazement
to see that this had messed up the pavement
it will never be the same
because this was a disgusting little game

The author's comments:
my peace was made because i love america and i will never do anything to hurt it and this poem came to me when i first heard of the crash

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