Internal Intakes

December 16, 2008
By Angie Heitzenrater, Beach Park,, IL

Internal Intakes

Standing here in the long and tall grass,
Not daring to take one more step,
One more step would lead me to the warm sand,
Beyond the sand would be the wondrous water,
The water so deep and so blue,

I always thought the water was so peaceful,
Though the news tells me otherwise,
So the one careless mistake that I would make,
Taking that first step on to the sand,
Would lead me to the dark, wondrous water,

So deep and so dark,
Those hazardous first steps,
In which would lead me to fate,
It would take me under with the more steps I take,
And would fill my body with water,
Leading me to an uneasy death,

However, I didn't see the beach that way,
With the wind blowing through my hair,
With the waving of the long, tall, green grass,
I take a big whiff of the air and sway with it,

I close my eyes and smile as I take my first step,
My first step onto the warm, soft sand,
I opened my eyes and squished my toes a little,
Then with comfort an ease,
I proceed toward the water,

The water;
The calming dark blue water,
Rushing so swiftly onto every rock that lies on the shore,
It only drew me closer,
The calming waves of water was not the only inviting quality,
But the sky,
Oh- the sky did compliment the water perfectly,

The sky far away where the water looks as if it ends,
it was a dark red,
and above that was an orange,
and then above that was a yellow-orange,
And then yellow,
Followed by baby blue and dark blue,
And the clouds,
They were either purple,
or a very dark purple,
Everything in this area drew me closer,
I wanted to touch the sky and feel the water,

I turn around and the perfect tall, green grass was still swaying,
still swaying to the right,
as the delicate wind was blowing to the East,

Then, it felt as if the water was calling my name,
Or all the living creatures in it were,
So, I drew closer,
and I stepped onto a wet, smooth, light colored brown rock,

I closed my eyes as the cool breeze ran through my body,
It would normally make me shiver,
but it lifted my arms up in the air,
And when I did so,
The water moved more swiftly towards the shore,
and past my feet,

It was not cold and it didn't scare me,
The news was wrong,
All the missing people,
How could such a relaxing, warm, calming thing do so,
I didn't have any cares in the world,

The only thing running through my mind was drawing closer,
I needed to be in the water,
I wanted to be in the water,
So I moved closer,
and closer,

The water was up to my waist,
It was warm and the wind was blowing more violently,
but I still didn't care,
it felt great,
my hair was blowing behind me,
and my problems were all left on shore,
and here on the beach is the only internal intake,
I ever want to go through me.

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