Completion Anonymously

December 31, 2008
By Dara Weiss, Miami, FL

For anything,
what are we?
but no more a sail reaching and then pulled back only to help pursue anothers goal of going faster and excelling in life.
The purity of the innocence we put ourselves and our bodies into is a shaft of a skin only to protect us from that of which we are capable of.
The high feeling of exuberance is a soft feeling only to be overridden by anguish and guilt and that we still feel this feeling and never we can really let everyone know only because we are in a shaft!
This is not even the climax of my message!
Do not let your shaft override you or suck away at your exuberance only to unleash the pandemonious feeling of uncertanty that we are and never will be a complete race as we unlike the beauty, grace, and freedom of an bird.
They may fly and soar only to let the world know how they are there and not leaving.
They spread there wings and those wings can and will break through any type of shaft that dares contain them.
Tell me, who are we?

The author's comments:
This is about a feeling of happiness which is always so easy to be overthrown by stuppidity. We let the small things keep us in a shell that never lets us show how we really feel.

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