Mixed Feelings

December 31, 2008
By Kira Nathan, Niskayuna, NY

As I look in the mirror
A different face looks back
Confusion written across every corner
Hidden in every crevice
Of her crinkled eyebrows

Seeing into her mind
Thoughts rushing past each other
Wheels turning
Making the biggest decision
She knew she had the power
To choose

Who did she love?
Her mental mirror
Scattered with pictures,
Just a few spaces
To see her face looking back

Was she to love a boy?
One of her yearbook cutouts
The guys she kept thinking
Were flirting with her, when he waved

Or was she going to love a girl?
Her girlfriends
Who she loved more than anything
Who she needed in her life, forever

Who was she to love?
A boy or a girl?
Was she even ready to decide, or still too young?
Was she ready to choose?

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