December 30, 2008
By Ava Kofman, Los Angeles, CA

Visited the Underworld one day
Packed jeans, thick sweater, and an old Indian dream catcher from the state fair
And ran

Caught sleeping on a train
Ended up sleeping at some station outside
But I wasn’t alone
“You gotta give in sometimes,” he said when he saw me
Laughing like Christmas bells
He was real nice too
Called himself Addy
Short for something
Maybe Adam?
Can’t remember it was so long ago
Days, even like that one, all drift together
Lovers as friends as children
Life is weird

We talked for a while
About our middle names, parents, people
And things that scared the*** out of us back home
He was real loyal to a girl back in North Dakota
Called her Persephone
Said her pewter eyes could light up a basement
He was real poetic too

Sky was orange but the station was still dark when I was leaving
Years had taught him to hear silence
So I wasn’t surprised when he started talking
I could end up in a house shaped like some fancy suit
With lovers, friends, children,
A dog if I got lucky, he said
Then mumbled that he was no example to live a life

But I know he was lying
He had his flower back in North Dakota
Firm ground to sleep on every night

I know he was lying because
Trains turn into days turn into men
But if you can find someone
Just maybe
None of that will matter

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