Christmas Eve

December 30, 2008
I cut out my heart,
And put in a box for you.
I wrapped it in paper,
And tied it with a bow.
I put it in the mail,
And closed my eyes,
As the truck drove away.
Drove away with my heart,
A Christmas gift for you.
Five days later, Six days later,
I got a package back.
Haphazardly thrown together,
Tied with butcher paper,
And string,
I got my heart back.
But, it wasn't the same.
I got my heart back.
Send away on Christmas,
Given back on New Years,
I cut out my heart,
For you.
Guess you didn't want it.

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blingblang4eva said...
Mar. 3, 2009 at 2:22 am
like this alot. very good. but typical feel still.
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