December 30, 2008
The look on your face
When you say hello
Worries me

I see the sadness in your eyes
When you walk right on by
A fleeting look
Or a petite hello
Is all I get from you

I know things are different
I know I am not the same
And the sadness on your face
Your smile is fake

It has been many years
And I finally see you here again
But you are not the same person
Who tucked me in to sleep
Who gave me a kiss each night
And who never said good-bye

Now when you pass by
I see the tears in your eyes
With that faded look
Or that faint hello
I miss you father
I wish we could go back
Don’t you miss the way things were?
I know mother is not here
But you are near
And it was not your fault

Now the feelings that you send me
Are lost and depressed and changing
I want to be here for you, remember me
Do not forget, we are family
I will wipe away the tears
I will fight away the fears
Father, I love you
Please do not go away
Let me see that smiling face
Just once more and then I will know

The look on your face
It worries me
Please do not go away;
it was not your fault.

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LoveLikeEpic said...
Sept. 26, 2010 at 10:27 pm
I can really relate to this. My father is in jail and the hospital. He's swollen from his head to mid-chest. The muscles around his Diaphram are swollen, making it hard for him to breathe. The doctors don't know why. Me and my father used to be close, before he became an alcoholic and the alcohol made him happier than I did. I miss him dearly. I know how you feel. Its easy for people to say its gonna be okay when their not the ones going through it. I've screwed up my life majorly. He doesn... (more »)
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