Take a Walk With Me

December 30, 2008
By Emily Kvale, Selkirk, NY

Hey, hey, hey
Take a walk with me
We can make it though
We can make it be
Oh, oh, oh
Take a walk with me
Let’s chase the falling stars
And wish upon the moon
Hey, hey, hey
Take a walk with me
Let’s thank god for the sky
So we can stare up oh so high
This is heaven, you and me
We are together, and happy
The dreams are unfolding I know I’m ready
For the challenges that life will show me
Because I have you
Oh, oh, oh
The rain is coming down
But you are still around
Not letting me fall down
All of the hope in the world
I think now I have
Because you are here with me
And I know you always will be
So take a walk with me
Under the bright shining moon
Under the unforgettable stars
And wish that if we are apart
We’ll still be together
Take a walk with me
And forget everything else
Thank god for the sky
And forget how to cry

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