'Till Dawning Day

December 30, 2008
By Emily Kvale, Selkirk, NY

Goodnight my angel
Sleep and dream my angel
Fly into a land
In your eternal sleep

Dream of a place
Where only you can fly
Where only you can reach out
And touch the bright blue sky
Then spread you’re wings
Soar away
Not to be seen
‘Till the dawning day

Goodnight, my love
Sleep oh so tight, my love
Dream of a heart, my love
And float away

Float to a place
Where only you can see
What was meant to be
When everything was to end
And when the light shines through
The mountains behind the sky
There will be no need to cry
Because they’ll be no rain
No pain
Just a heart
‘Till dawning day

Dream away, my savior
Wish away, my guardian
Protect the land you love
And soar away
Don’t wake up
‘Till the dawning day

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