Maybe Someday

December 30, 2008
By Emily Kvale, Selkirk, NY

Maybe someday,
The stars could shine like they used to,
Only for you and me.
Maybe someday,
Everything could go back to the way
It always used to be.

Maybe someday,
The clouds could sparkle like the moon,
The smiles on our faces, the glimmer in our eyes,
Maybe someday,
Everything could change.

Maybe someday,
The world could learn to love again,
And the hearts of everyone could learn
To breathe free again.
Maybe someday,
We could be together.

Everything would shine,
Like it used to,
Everything could be fine,
Like it used to,
Everyone would smile,
Like they used to.

Do you remember those days,
When we were so young?
Everything was so perfect,
It was just you and me.

I haven’t seen you since that day,
But I hope everything is turning out okay.
Life never turned out the way I had hopped for me.
But if you’re doing fine,
That’s all that matters, because I know
You deserve to shine,
Like you used to.
And I’ll pull through,
If I’ll get to see you

Maybe someday
The stars could glisten like they used to,
Maybe one day the moon could
Sparkle like it used to,
Maybe one day the smiles on our faces,
And the happiness in our eyes
Could reappear.
Maybe someday,
We could be together,

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