'Cause I

December 30, 2008
By Emily Kvale, Selkirk, NY

I’m falling to fast, ‘cause I
Can’t take this pain.
I’m screaming aloud, ‘cause I
Can’t stand this rain.
I’m angry and myself, ‘cause I
Can’t let go of my past.
I’m waiting for you to come, ‘cause I
Know that you’ve surpassed
All that I know will last.

Your looking away, ‘cause I
Asked you to leave.
Your not whipping my tears, ‘cause I
Don’t want to believe.
Your letting me fall out of you, ‘cause I
Want to drop on my own.
Your asking me what I think, ‘cause I
Can’t seem to find the words to speak,
Of why I seem to be so weak.

We’re breaking apart, ‘cause I
Made stupid mistakes.
We’re falling out tonight, ‘cause I
Don’t have what it takes.
We’re finally through, ‘cause I
Thought you didn’t care.
But if only I could have realized,
How you’d always been there.

It was all my fault, because I
Didn’t have the courage to say, “I’ll Try”

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