Nightmares, So Very Many Nightmares

December 30, 2008
By Selina Ali, Alta Loma, CA

castles gleam in the distance

a rainbow of colours drawing my hungry eyes closer

but as i grow near

the colours lengthen and loom in size

the castle i find is hovering in the air upside down, inside out

but as i take a few hesitatingly halting steps back i find again that my castle is the right side up and right side out, its colours charming me with their magic

with their promises of bliss

again i go near this gleaming castle and its shadows lengthen again

its a trap i see all at once

with a startling moment of clarity

and as the thought enters my mind it leaves out the other ear

i spot a figure near the top (or shall i say bottom)

a handsome man he is

one who reminds me of all of those actors i so long dream about

he holds himself with a posture of dignity

his clothes are made of a high caliber

and his hair is pulled back

"come closer" he calls to me his hand held out beckoning me

his voice is haunting and beautiful

sorrowful and joyous

lost for so long but filled with hope

"ill take you away to the place where you heros lay. a place filled with magic, a place filled with dreams, filled with every sweet you see! just come with me"

how naive of me

for as i took his hand something monstrous happened

his mouth opened wide, his skin turned gray, teeth to yellow, nails to black, and eyes to red.

"yes, yes, come with me" he croons, his voice no longer beautiful, not beautiful at all

his voice is cracked and hoarse

a voice that has filled my every dream, my every nightmare.

his nails dig into my hand as i frantically try to pull away

"please, please leave me be" i implored to him

but all that stared back was eyes crimson as blood

and dark as an abyss

his smile is hideous, teeth sharp and painted brown

and a laugh that shook me to the core

"never, never you see? you are mine and you will never leave."

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Logan said...
on Jan. 10 2009 at 9:44 pm
Hey U are the best out there


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