between the atween

December 30, 2008
what exactly lies in the inbetween?

what is hidden unbetween the inbetween

or is it inbetween the unbetween

unbetween inbetween

inbetween the unbetween?

what secrets shall lie in the realm of the inbetween

right there unbetween the inbetween

the inbetween of the unbetween

a gleaming upside down inside out palace

in this place unbetween the inbetween

or pehaps a man, old wise man named teach

he resides in the inbetween of the unbetween in the conscious of the single soul of the world

the soul that takes up the whole unbetween... the inbetween unbetween

wait..? is it the unbetween of the inbetween

no silly is the unbetween allbetween seebetween inbetween

outbetween slidebetween upbetween downbetween.

the fishbetween catbetween dogbetween

redbetween greenbetween gobetween

go inbetween the unbetween

the smileybetween reminiscent of the frownybetween

silly sally its the between in the inbetween and unbetween

just between the corner of the unbetween and the universe....atween!

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