The Darkest Dreamworld Dream

December 30, 2008
When I wake up in the night,
and I realize what I saw,
was naught but a dream,
the tears pour down my face,
and I try not to scream out.

And then in the confining darkness,
you find me breathing hard,
from scences of violent terror,
in the darkest dreamworld dream.

And you come to me concerned,
a small frown on your face,
as you put your arms around me,
and hold me tight to you.

"What's wrong?" you whisper softly,
as the trembling starts to stop,
but I can't tell you what I've seen,
it's far too terrible for you to see.

You accept the frightened silence,
as steady confirmation,
that right now all i want,
is to feel your arms around me,
holding me safe and tight.

And to hear you whisper in my ear,
promises of everlasting love,
and safety you provide,
to keep me from the dreams.

But even you can't stop the dreams.
So for the moment I take comfort,
in your strong warm arms,
wrapping me to your soft broad chest,
and your lips against my hair,
and the love I can feel projected,
in the small but safe confines,
of youru soft warm arms around me.

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