A Beautiful Sadness

December 30, 2008
By Denmark Harris, Sacramento, CA

A Beautiful Sadness

You stepped on my heart

With your black stilettos shoes

Leaving dents as wide as the Pacific Ocean,

As long as the Nile River

Vessels once filled with love and compassion

Are now filled with anger as the blood of adoration

Has ceased to flow and the walls of affection

Have become thick with a plaque made of grief and anguish

I poured, into a bin of vulnerability

Love, compassion, commitment,

Only to have them hung out to dry

On a rack of disappointment

What is love anyway?

Is it a feeling or an emotion?

What is the point of falling in love?

Only to have it whisked away in a moments glance?

In yet, picking up the shattered pieces

of my wounded self esteem,

And refurnishing the tainted furniture

Of my confused mind that is swirling with mixed emotions

I have come to realize that I should enjoy life’s fruit

Although there may come a time when it may wither and spoil

In its place resides fruit ever more sweeter and more gratifying

Only I shall know when it is ripe for the picking

I feel the most peculiar sensation traveling the length of my body

It eats away at my conscious and ravishes the depths of my soul

Permeating every pore, every cell, every vein

Until I am overwhelmed by its superiority

The once bleak future is now bright

The once damp forests of sorrow are now flourishing

The sea of opportunity is now teeming with many fish

Of all different shapes and sizes

Here I stand, with my head held high

My eyes glisten in the reflection

Of the Sun peeking over the horizon

How beautiful it is, so golden

Your long, black hair flowing in the wind

Your face as delicate as a flower,

As fragile as porcelain glass

Words to describe your beauty inside and out elude me

My heart bleeds for you

But I know life moves on

And I will never forget you

Memories of you shall not perish from this earth

This sensation I am feeling

This feeling of sadness and happiness at the same time

The feeling is breath taking, overwhelming

Almost like, a beautiful sadness….

The author's comments:
Poetry is such a timeless art. Those who love to express their feelings and innermost thoughts through poetry have the ability to give us hope and inspiration. My poem, A Beautiful Sadness was inspired by the recent parting of a once flourishing relationship. I hope readers of this poem will be able to recover from the loss of the person they loved and find new love. There is someone for everyone out there and I hope when you read my poem, A Beautiful Sadness, you will believe there is too.

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