The Love Is Gone

December 30, 2008
By Anonymous

The Love is gone,
Where did it go?
I have the faintest idea,
All I know is I loved you.
I waited everyday to catch your eye,
And see your smile.
I counted down the very minutes until I would talk with you again,
And your very touch warmed my soul.
Every night before I fell asleep,
I said a prayer for you.
Finally you found out how I felt,
And I was anxious to know how you felt.
You response wasn't positive,
It wasn't negative either.
It wasn't much of anything.
I was lost in emotions,
not knowing what to do.
I held my breath waiting for you to save me,
But you never came.
I don't hold it against you,
you are not a bad person.
We come from different walks of life,
That may be enough to keep us seperated.
But I've called you my friend,
That is what you'll always be to me.
We may not talk anymore,
But I hope you are truly happy.
I pray that all your dreams come true,
And you achieve all your goals.
I hope you find someone to love,
As much as I loved you.
Please be happy with the choices you make,
And always know...
I loved you,
But the love is gone.

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