December 30, 2008
There's helium in my cheeks
and I can't stop
They're apt to float
right off my face
and up into
the sky
my mind spins
and I can't stop
the joy of me with you
I focus on the lines
of your soft form
against the untouched
The sound of your voice
mingles in the cold air
with icy jets of fog
puffing out from
your cheeks
the snowflakes have long ago
melted out of your
and your face is warm
and wet
I can feel the twinkle in
the green of my eyes
and see it in yours
of brown
I'm wondering now
how they can call it falling
when love causes me
to float

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Michaela D. said...
Feb. 26, 2009 at 9:00 am
this is so cute!!! i want to like make it a songg or something. i hope i get to feel like that about some one someday
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