December 30, 2008
By Anonymous

This is stupid
I know it is
I hate you cupid
you think your some sort of whiz
I know your tricks this time
it's all going to work out
I give this one some better lines
there will be no doubt
she will be mine
not mine to keep
but mine love
when she weeps
I'll be on like a glove
I'm happy she's here
but were still not friends
because you I fear
this all will end again.
You messed it up once
and I cut you a break
but twice what are you a dunce
so you know whats at stake
third times a charm, or so I've herd
but for you it could be another mistake
so whats the word, I say to cupid.
He replies
this time it will work
this time I tried
this time she's nice
this time is not like the one before
This time I promise she will stay forever or more

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