When We First Met

December 30, 2008
By Hallie Trader, Huntington, WV

When you first saw me,
What did you think?
Was it clear to you?
Was it obvious I had no clue?

When I first saw you,
I thought ‘Wow’.
It was clear what you knew…
I knew I didn’t have a clue.

When you first met me,
Was it clear the thought in my head?
Was I easy to read?
Was it obvious I loved you?

When I first met you,
You thought ‘Man, that kin fell awful far from the tree and rolled’…
Or maybe not…
You weren’t so simple to figure out.
And I was in love with you.

When we became friends,
Did you know I wanted more?
Did you know what I was going through?
Did you have a clue?

When we became friends,
You were so sweet.
Perfect from hair to feet.
Still, unable for me to read.

When you read what was written,
Were you already smitten?
Had you been?
Had that friendly smile always been something more?
Had I been that dense to not see it?

When I wrote what was written,
Wrote it over and over…
I was so confused,
Thinking you saw me like a kid,
Thinking you thought of me as just a sister.
Nothing more…

While you’re reading this,
Are you thinking of the future?
Are you thinking of me and you?
Are you looking at that picture of me and you?
The one where I’m finally taller than you?

While I’m typing this,
I’m thinking of Taco Bell,
I’m thinking of the one, who knows me so well,
I’m staring at that picture in my head,
Thinking, ‘I look so good with that redhead!’

After you put this in that box of yours,
Will you dream?
Will lay awake for hours?
Will you think of me?

After I write this,
I’ll dream,
Dream after I lay awake for hours,
Thinking of every moment I can possibly recall,
Of you.

When we first met,
Did you think we’d end up here?

When we first met,
I never thought I’d see you again.

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