Emotions Spilling Out

December 29, 2008
By misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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My heart aching for love
My own somehow misplaced
I sometimes wonder of myself

"Could you forget me looking into a world of distractions?"
" Am I not important enough for you to remeber?"
Could I really be alone? I ask myself

My eyes so tired of crying..
Mylips so tired of having to speak words i shouldn't have to
My soul...drowing in tis own misery

Having no help, no caretakers, no one at all
Its so hard..
People don'tunderstand..
They want to get away, to dream
When i can't seem to get bak to reality

My dreams are naturly a living nightmare altogether
Extra weight on my heart, when will it give up?
Its a fighter like me, i knowbut just when will it give up?

So tired of having to keep my emotions in, being strong is a hard job to take
Feeling like no one wants me, how awful
Having no one to feel sad for me..having to do it myself

My thoughts are jumbled, everything coing out at once
But this is how i feel can't you understand? Won't you listen?

Quiet Whispers i hear...
Sadly they are only my own words i speak in the back of my head
All alone, I am
Simply aslonly as ever....

The author's comments:
How does it feel to be angry, and lonely and sad, but you don't want to cry?? TO feel depressed, but not enough to want to take it too far, no way to ease the pain, just drowning in misery. Can you feel it??

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