Wide Open

December 29, 2008
Open Your Eyes.
Open them up, rub out all the crusts and look around.

Don’t let the world go on
For one more minute,

Let go of all your inhibitions
And look that six-year-old

In the face

Her pretty, round face
And just tell her you love her.

Make all those promises your bound to break
In your cocaine stupor,

Veins black with your
Secret Sin.

I’m Not high!
Is your proclamation

But your red eyes
Tell me something different.

You don’t owe me the Truth
Or anyone else, But

You Owe Everything
To that Crushed Angel.
Wings Snapped.

And all the HeartAche that should be
To an Innocent child,

Borne inside.
Familiar with suffering

But all she wants to know is,
“If she loves me,

Why won’t mommy come home?”
How could she ever understand

The Shackles of Addiction?
The bonds of the Life
Her mother Lived

Parties, Boyfriends, Drugs, Alcohol

What’s Not to Love?

The only ones left, the Only Ones still holding out

For her

When the Party is Over.
But the Weed

Paints her a

And she dances into the Night.
Away from her

Last Chance
To live, her

Last Chance
To fight.
And then,
She’s found herself behind Thick, Iron Bars,

The Music is Over,

Friends Clear Out and Fast.
She’s still got Family
The Family she didn’t care for.

But Still,
We Love her.

In a way,
We will always Hate her.
Always Looking Over her Shoulder

Struggling everyday
To escape her Dirty Habit,

To Keep her Eyes


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