Always Thought, Never Said

December 29, 2008
By SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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Losing is not coming second. It's getting out of the water knowing you could have done better.

Every minute of every day,
My mind finds ways to go astray
To the question lingering in the back of my head,
Who completes me?
Always thought, never said.

I thought I knew the answer
And then I proved myself wrong
Looking for love in the wrong places
Listening to the same old songs.

He's off limits to me,
and I know now that we can never be
Because I know that he will never see
where I want his heart to be.

But there are more people that could take his place
More people that I could like
So why is it that nobody else
Seems to be my type?

Why am I stuck on stupid,
Stuck on liking him?
Knowing that that road isn't what I need
Knowing it's crazy dim?

Why is it that with him I feel so right
And his face brightens my day?
And why is it that only him
can make me feel okay?

And why is he always in my head?
My dreams, wishes, desires of him
Always thought, never said.

He's not even thinking of me
I know that he doesn't care
So why is it that in spite of this
I miss him when he's not near?

But he'll never be near,
Because he'll always be there,
Because his feelings for her are clear
Because it's her who cares,
And it's her heart breaking that I fear
If she finds out that he was here
Instead of there.

Why can't I like someone who likes me back?
Someone who will love me for me,
and give me what I lack?

Why is it that boys are never clear
With what goes on in their head?
And WHY must everything thing be
Always thought, but never said?

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