Lost In You

December 29, 2008
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Everything I do with you feels so right
That’s why whenever you suggest something, I don’t put up a fight
I’m sorry if that makes things hard for you,
But when I say I just wanna be around you, I really do.

I’m not trying to be a poor sport or make you feel bad in any way
And this isn’t really a poem, just some things I have to say.
I’ve been thinking of you far too much and I’m in pain
Knowing there’s nothing to loose, and so much to gain.

I love you so much now, I’m loosing sight of myself
But there’s nothing I can do, I can’t help the cards I’ve been dealt.
I’m not sure who I am, but I don’t care anymore,
I only care about seeing you, the rest of my life is a bore.

Things I used to like are now foreign to me
Other boys stand no chance, you are all I see
I get bored with other conversation, and can’t concentrate in school
In classes I used to love, I now feel like a fool.

My conversations with you keep a smile on my face
I’d talk to you for hours, but I know you need space.
I’m trying to find myself, but in you I feel lost
But if it means staying with you, I’m willing to pay that cost.

My mind is completely gone, it’s lost in this world
Because when I think of you, it makes my head swirl
I can deal with this pain that it puts me through
Because I know in a couple of hours… I’ll be seeing you.

There’s nothing you can do to change this feeling
It doesn’t hurt too bad, I don’t need any healing.
I’m not sure I want it to go, because it makes me smile
Knowing you’ll be there, it your number is what I choose to dial.

Don’t feel guilty, it’s not at all your fault
Thinking of you puts everything else to a halt
I don’t mind it, I don’t care if I feel like this forever
There’s no way I would want this feeling to go away, ever.

So what does this mean? That our love is true?
I’ve never been through this, it’s all brand new
I don’t know how to handle it, or if I even can,
Faced with a love like this, before I always ran…

I love everything about you, everything about us
All our dumb little fights, all the times we fuss
The thought of loosing you kills me inside
It wrecks all my joy, and kills my deep pride.

Being with you makes me want to cry out
How wonderful you are, it makes me want to shout
You always know just what to do, what to say
If faced with the decision, I wouldn’t go another way.

I’ve traveled down this road with you for such a short time
But it feels like weeks, months, years in my mind
I don’t want to go back, I don’t ever want to turn around
Because I know sincerely that this is true love that I’ve found.

If this is bad, I don’t care, let it be,
Because the only thing I’m interested in is making you see
When I’m with you my whole world’s filled with glee
I don’t need anything else; that’s how much you mean to me.

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