Forever In Your Never

December 29, 2008
By SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
SarynJumail PLATINUM, Bloomington, Illinois
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Losing is not coming second. It's getting out of the water knowing you could have done better.

That first day I met you I knew what could be
Something great and promising was all I could see
Never knowing what I was setting myself up for
Never thinking about what would happen when you walked through the door.

Seeing you everyday, I was feeling like a new me,
You pulled me out of depression, made me realize who I could be.
Conversations on the phone real late at night,
Everything we did just felt right.

Never knowing that what we had would fail
Even after all the times I had to bail
Thinking I was done, this is it, the last straw
Sitting around thinking it was the last time I’d bawl.

But it never was, I kept coming back
Without you there was plenty my life lacked
Thinking of all the times we spent together
I just knew that we would be forever

But I was wrong, I suppose, because it came to an end
This is nothing a simple ‘I love you’ can mend
I pronounced a name wrong and you yelled at me for it
I knew from then that this was it
I was done sitting around waiting for you
It wasn’t something that I could do.
And why should I? I thought, it didn’t seem right,
Waiting around for you to figure out if you wanted me wasn’t my type,
Either you know or you don’t, that should be plain,
Waiting, I knew, was going to make me insane.

So I knew it had to end, and it was either you or I,
So fast, I thought the time seemed to fly
Eight months it’s been, and it feels like a week,
Since the relationship with you was what I seeked.

I couldn’t be who you wanted, you needed a WOMAN for that,
That was something I know I lacked,
I’m just a girl, fifteen, not yet grown,
I need time to try things, figure them out on my own.

So like you said, the love circle has ended
What we have now could never be mended
And though it hurts to let go I know that with time
I’ll find someone who is forever, someone more ‘my kind’.

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