Five Minutes More

December 29, 2008
By Gabrielle Thomas, Landenberg, PA

Five Minutes More

It’s over. least it was.
For five minutes.
Time. What is time?
It means everything and nothing
When there’s so little of it left

I no longer felt your lingering touch
For five minutes, those butterflies
They ceased to exist, ceased to control.
For five minutes, I was sane

But then it turned 11:11 at night
And I made the wish
The wish I thought I was done making
That faint glimmer of hope that you would see...
See I was right in front of you

But no. I’m still here, and so are you, oblivious.
For five minutes more.
I can see you, hear you
Gape in awe of your perfection
And wish once more that you were doing the same.

Four minutes left. My heart’s calling out
Begging my mouth to open
Pleading for those fateful words to escape
But I’m scared. So another minute goes by.

So many tears.
So many pathetic attempts of flight
So many songs which seem to scream out...
Out to just me, repeating that I’m missing my chance

But I can’t...I can, I just don’t know what to say.
A mistress of words can not describe her own feelings
Ironic? Depression. Obsession.
That’s all it is. Addiction to everything you represent.

Two minutes. I’m done.
I’m done wishing and watching myself fall...
Fall to pieces every time it doesn’t come true
I have to tell you. But tell you what?

In two minutes, I cannot possibly describe
All that I have felt in the past year.
Excitement, the difficulty of patience
Pain, agony...heartbreak. Wait.
I don’t have to tell you.

In one minute now, I can show you.
As you turn around, I look at you and observe your features...
The face that has unintentionally torn my heart to shreds
That has destroyed any hope of loving again

My eyes trace your lips, revealing my thoughts...I lean forward
Ah! The butterflies have awakened!
My eyes close, anticipation for this moment
Has haunted my sanity for too long
I can feel your breath, warm and soothing...

Suddenly, I am jerked awake
“Time to get up” screams the clock. It is 11:11 a.m.
“No!” I yell with the ferocity of a murderer
“Please! Five more minutes”

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