taunting laughter-creeping smiles

December 29, 2008
By angela brewer, House Springs, MO

cold wind, ten inch imaginary snow
wind is blowing, so hard but slow

sun shining, dogs are barking
your eyes are blue, just so sparkling
hear children laughing, some just playing

like a peaceful dream, without any saying
shut out fear; guards shoot up
just being with you, thats just luck

gave you my heart, all of it too
our love is unbreakable, by our being me and u

live life, breathe the same air
my life without you, so cold and unfair

to see you again, so happy and uncold
begin breathing in with no sadness to hold

with me you are you, with you i am me
together forever, is all i can see

goes two ways, not just one
in this day, you are the sun

brighten up the day, with making me smile
being with you, much longer than a while

goes to show, that we are meant to be
will never know, unless we choose to see

The author's comments:
Dedicated to: Ryan B.
He has inspired me in so many ways, he makes me feel that in this world anything is possible. I dont know what i would do without knowing him. He is amazing.

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