Matryoshka Doll

December 29, 2008
By Chelsey Williams, Neil's Harbour, ZZ

When the tide pulls out
We can scream and shout
'Cause we'll all feel better
When in dry dull weather

There's a me inside a me
Different from the first being
They're two in one
But the same are none

Few to none have seen all her faces
She shifts them moods like the sun shifts places
Sun up she's happy as a kid on crack
Sun down she's sadder and outta wack

She's always confused and hardly certain
When she's been "good" she's always found flirtin'
Who is she? What is she? What happens next?
These constant shifts keepin' her vexed

When the tide comes in
She's sad again
Lost in wrong luck
Hits her like a truck

Is there somethin' inside that just needs mendin'?
Is she crazy? She's waiting, she's pendin'
The next wave that come's will lead to self mutilation
She knows it, 'cause there's no controlling the temptation

She's two in one
And the same are none...
Help her 'cause she can't stop the fall
The destruction of this little Matryoshka doll

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