The Idealist Versus Reality

December 29, 2008
By Stefany Clark, Greer, SC

I once dreamed of love
In the form of a childish daydream.
A Prince arrived on a white horse
With a stereo in hand and a mixed tape
That had to throw rocks at my window
Until the light came on
And I peered out
Just to sing to his song
Of love for me.
And at our wedding on the beach
On a flawless day,
We tied the knot and ran hand in hand
Down the glistening shores
Guided by love and nothing more.
As we grew older,
Our bond strengthened
And I would still get flowers
On Valentine's Day
And spontaneous ideas
To travel the world.
Yes, everything was perfect
In my mind.

But my plans were interrupted
By a common man
With no white horse or musical talent,
A man that would not come to my Window in the late hour
And cast rocks upon it.
But a man that cares deeply about me
And loves me endlessly.
Yes, everything is perfect
In my heart.

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