Ash to Ash

December 29, 2008
By Evan Phail, Bronx, NY

I opened the door
Saw you sitting on the couch
With black circles under your red irritated eyes
I’ll never forget the way they looked at me
Showing just how long you’ve been waiting for me
And then we smiled at each other
I said everything will turn out fine

It’s okay to be a little nervous
No one is impervious to their emotion,
I’m feeling the same way
Maybe even worse
Cuz you’ve been through it before
But this is my first
Cuz I’m the one feeling the loneliest
That should be erroneous
Considering how life has been so far
But now it’s homeliness
Being a part of this war,
So show me this
Tell me this
Why do you cry here in front of me?
You want me to see you like this?
It’s okay
Your tears let me know you love our relationship

You’re here to stay
Letting me know we’ll be okay
And you got out of the chair
Ran towards me
Showing your love and care
Cuz it’s the first time you saw me in days
You couldn’t handle the hours where you were at bay
But now we’re together
We’ll never let go
There might be a war going on
But we choose not to know
We live our life day by day
And if the bombs drop tomorrow
We won’t even pray
Cuz our lust lives only long enough
Before we turn into dust
But that doesn’t matter
Cuz I see the fire burning from this place
I can see the blast!
I’m still holding you as we both disintegrate
Knowing our love will last
From ash to ash

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