Trust In Me

December 29, 2008
By Josh O'Connor, Zion, IL

Trust in Me

Sitting there alone
Alone in the dark
Because what I have shown
I sit in the park
Up at the stars
I could escape from the scars
I here the coyotes howl
I shrink away in fear
Then I hear them growl
And down by the beach
The waves crash
You take one reach
Then there’s a flash
I fall to the ground
I can suddenly hear
The sound of my heart pound
Now I wish you were here
I sit there still
Nothing to lose
On the bottom of the hill
I took the clues
It’s all over now
And it wasn’t for show
I wonder how
I could let go
Maybe I won’t need to
Maybe things will turn
As I look through
The precious fern
I hope
You change your mind
And just give me
To prove that
It’s right
All you have to do
Is believe

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