December 29, 2008
By Evan Phail, Bronx, NY

I’m too shy to be that cool guy
Because I’m quiet
In the middle of a riot
I’m supporting the cause
Keeping things in line with the law
But what has the law ever done for me
Limiting the power I need to feel free,
So I feel like I’m stuck in a cage
Reading the same paragraph on the same page
Over and over, I can’t get past this
Cuz my calm attitude won’t let me grasp “it”

The “it” I refer to,
Everyone knows,
“It” is the thing that makes us smile
When we’re facing all our foes,
“It” is the thing that makes us laugh
When we’re failing all our goals,
So I want “it” so badly
That I’m breaking all boundaries
I’m running away
From my silenced ways,
So even if I can’t be that cool guy
At least I tried

Cuz I’m not looking for fame
Just fulfillment
That’s when I realized I finally had “it.”
Had “it” in the beginning
When I thought “it” had a different meaning
“It” was locked under my skin
Just waiting for a key to unleash “it”
A puzzle with all the pieces
Waiting to be completed
And “it” was keeping me airborne
Like a dove
“It” wasn’t easy,
But God Damn, “It” was Love

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