Confident gained through punctuation and soliloquies..

December 29, 2008
The white circles and rainbow fingerprints are exactly how my head feels.
Swirling around...caused by pure existence.
Its so tangible and great to ponder while listening subconsciously to shoegaze.
Thinking of the stars and how I non-purposefully take mental pictures of our departure.
I'm not good with words, for they are insufficient. Things work so much better in my head.
This is a total daze, indeed. However, in the way of being high off of life.
Its purposefully unreproducable but there when you don't try and obtain it, I suppose.
Its how nothing really crosses your mind but that subject. For once its not words that are doing the crossing, but those of emotion..the feeling of being insubordinate.
Its like spinning and screaming at the top of your lungs just because you for once freaking feel like it. Your senses reassuring you that the sky is above you, the earth below. That nothing else really matters. Just emotion caused by your existence.

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