...And I'm Waiting On You

December 29, 2008
By Ashley Street, Pocahontas, AR

It's sticking your tongue out to catch a snowflake. The snow dances in the wind all around you, falling to the ground, yet refusing to kiss your face. You stick your tongue out further, hoping it will help, but the cotton candy moisture just won't attract to your skin.
It's riding a roller coaster. The car jerks to an excruciatingly slow start, and the speed does nothing but decrease as you go further and further up the first hill. You go up and up, anxious to round the top and fall freely, but the climb is endless.
It's driving your car, trying to quickly reach an important destination, then abruptly stumbling upon a line of traffic. You look up at the red light refusing to change, and it is taunting you You see cars move in front of you, but the line never seems to get any shorter.
It's reading a new book - a book you can relate to. The book is about you. You read as quickly as possible, wanting to know how your story ends. You even sneak a peek at oncoming chapters, but you notice that new pages appear out of nowhere.
It's lying awake in bed the night before your birthday. The minutes are hours as you are nearing becoming a year older - a year more experienced. You want to be showered with gifts, to be the center of attention for a day, but the sun never comes up.
It's sitting in your last class of the day at school you don't hear the teacher's voice over the tick-tock of the clock. You are on the edge of your seat, ready to jump up as soon as the bell rings. You want to run to your car and speed home, but the clock stops.
It's standing in line at the cashier's desk at a store. You're holding a CD, and you're anxious to take it home and listen to it. You've been anticipating the CD's arrival for months, and you finally have it. You finally get to the front of the line, but the store closes.
And all the while, the taste isn't worth the cold.
The fall isn't worth the climb.
The arrival isn't worth the journey.
The ending isn't worth the story.
The gifts aren't worth the year.
Home isn't worth the bell.
The music isn't worth the money.
And the snowflake, the roller coaster, the destination, the book, the birthday, the CD, none of them are worth the wait.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem the day the movie "Twilight" premiered. I was going to see it, and i was waiting anxiously all day. So to help the time pass, i wrote a poem about waiting. -lol-

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