Anorexia Nervosa

December 29, 2008
By Alejandra Duenas SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Alejandra Duenas SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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It became a habit
It became repulsive
It became exhaustive
With grief deep inside

She looks at herself in the mirror
She can't take it, its disgusting
She starts agonizing
She seeks for something else

She can't control herself
She feels like someone else
She can't accept herself
She wants something else

Her mommy calls her honey
Her daddy calls her Sweet
She looks at them with sorrow
Keeps looking for something else

She sleeps but feels like nothing
She wants to have a rest
She is like living dead
She is skinny as hell
Keeps saying food is disgusting
Keeps saying its a loose
Keeps throwing up what she eats
Is it intentional or is she just sick?

She doesn't wants attention
At least that's what she mentioned
She feels a big compulsion
Always avoiding to eat

The negative thoughts are affecting her
Not only physically but mentally
Those negative thoughts won't leave her alone
Seems harmless, but it bothers too much

As she looks for a solution
Going to hospitals, seeing the doctor
"In this an ED or something?
Am I in danger or something?"

The doctor says it might be bulimia
The nurses say it might be anorexia
She only listens, hardly speaks
But whatever it is, is getting her sick

She is obsessed with her body image
She wants to be a famous model
But then there's when she asks
Is it more important to be famous or to be alive?

She finally picks her health
Now she's in treatment and eat a bit more
Recovering her energy and mind
Leaving her past to be now alive

Her parents are proud they got her
An awesome child that is just fourteen
She still sees herself as a famous model
Not exaggerated, but a lovely model

As she preys in bed every night
Thanking god he made her open her eyes
Blessing the way she is now the best
Caring about her health, knowing the people actually care.


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