Children Are The Future

December 29, 2008
By Alejandra Duenas SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Alejandra Duenas SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Children inside a room
As horrible as you can imagine
No windows
No doors
No way to escape
Parents in gangs, drugs
Kids not giving a care of life
Do you seriously think they would care
With parents like that..

Take a deep breath
Think about it twice
It might take one minute
Maybe five
One whole week if necessary
But just don't give up.

Teenagers overdosing themselves
What the hell is going on their minds?
Painkillers to make the pain go away?
Sleeping pills to make you get a rest?
What if you fall in a long sleep
And never wake up again..

Kids with suicidal thoughts
They are like living dead
From age 10-24, 20% commit suicide
From age 10-24, 20% will continue to die
And I keep asking,
What the hell is going on their minds?

Others are murders
Homicides everywhere
175,000 U.S. citizens have been killed by a gun yearly
Over 1 million have been hurt, or badly injured

They lack motivation
Its unpleasant looking at the news
Everyone accusing each other
You can notice how malignant they are
They have fears but would rather shut up
Everything is obscene now
How many things are prohibited on th is world?
Enough to have a guilty conscience
I wonder and wonder why
Why is so much trouble going on?
Why do kids commit suicide
Why are there many murders outside?

Tainted emotions
You just can't control
Almost everything is by force
You open your eyes
And see trippy stuff
You open your arms
It isn't enough

Why do people take drugs?
It shouldn't be considered as an option
Don't do anything if you don't know what to do
I hesitate you can't wait one day or two
If this keeps going on
The only choice will be death
Living won't be an option anymore
But for you, dear, just to lay down and DIE

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