Light Blue

December 29, 2008
By Aubrey Vanderstow, Lake City, MI

Light eyes close
As my heart weeps
For a lost love
My soul couldn’t keep

Skin lightly pale
Against the light blue polo
Flowers surrounding his new home
As I lay down my heart

A black rose will not do
A red one to cheery
Yellow does not match your style
So I choose the best one

I lightly lay your favorite color
That nicely decorates this little flower
As I step away from your grave
There lays a little blue Lily

As I come back every year
I bring a different flower
One year a Casablanca Iris
The next a Lilac

All share one common thing
The color not a shade to dark
The color not a shade to light
A color which matches your eyes might

So I lay this last flower down
Knowing soon I’ll be gone
To go and see you again

I lay a light blue Forget-me-not
Because I’ll soon be with you again in heaven

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