There Was Peace

December 29, 2008
By Anonymous

There was a time when we could rejoice amongst these pews
But now only tears are found, a quiet and suppressed anger
For stupidity
For adolescence
The young and heated two, they plunged so quickly
This relationship only dwelling in the flesh would never mature
For attraction
For sex
But this was one sided, the soft one adored the ticking beat of his heart
The love that spilled joyously from her own- he would never recognize
For blindness
For make believe
He - budding from boredom - could only feel the surface, skin
The spark had died within him, whatever interest existed had left his heart, his pelvis
Her heart unknowingly broken
For fear
For trust
Since then the sun pours through the window each Sunday mourn
The man of robes speaks of all that is good and pure
But the third, the ‘friend’ ended their peace; now she laughs in the face of enlightenment
He follows her words strongly and with such confidence, unknowing of her deceit
She only seeks to tear them further apart, to eat heartily on the tenderness of the soft
For the bible
For the bond
Regardless the two will share a connection still, and slowly peel away their resentment
A liaison for the soft never existed and will not grow between the three
For the artificial
For the expected
Outside the complications could not be as intricate
But with a triangle beneath the roof of intended spirituality, within the body of Christ
The relationship with the father is now recognized and carries deeper meaning
Igniting the fire for the soft one’s pain, his confusion and hardly within the others heart.
For failure
For Sin.

The author's comments:
This poem is about a physically driven relationship I got myself into with our church's bishop's son. It's also about our break up, the girl that caused it, and how difficult it's been since that time. I also remark upon the fact that if the situation did not include our relationship within the church it would not be as difficult or complicated to work through.

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