A Dream?

December 29, 2008
By moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
moonstar89 GOLD, Germantown, Maryland
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Pressed up against the window
Our breaths creating fogs
Fast quick breaths
The window felt cool
Against my bare skin

You press up against me
As I push back on you
We move as one
I turn around to look into your eyes
You stop moving and pull out

I say breathlessly “please don’t stop”
You come in halfway
Then stop moving
You made me beg for the release
That only you could give me

You remained still
For what seemed like hours
Before you started moving again
You took me higher and higher
Till I saw stars

When I finally came back
Down to Earth
The moon was shining
Now I could look clearly
Into your eyes

I asked you
What your name was again
When you opened your mouth
To tell me your name
You started making a beeping sound

Next thing I know
I’m sitting up in my bed
Pulling the sheet all the way up to my neck
I could still feel your hands all over me
I looked over at the other side of my bed

It looked like no one had even been sleeping there
I quickly looked around my bedroom
I noticed that the clothes that I wore last night
Were thrown all over the floor
There was a faint smell of cologne

Lingering in the air in the room
What happened?
I’m so confused
Was it really all a dream?

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