Changing Of The Seasons

December 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Autumn's cool quickly turns into cold, harsh winter
Goodbye is just as cold,
a stinging cold that pierces the entire being
Twas never supposed to be easy
No, nothing ever is;
but why so cold?

Tis better to walk into the shadows alone,
to have words be it
Rather, some thought differently
In a minute, all was shaken
A sudden wind came along out of nowhere
unraveling what it meant to and disappeared

Today is another for rebuilding
For there is much to rebuild;
walls that got blown to pieces,
the interior space that was left exposed
To care about before is useless,
that which has come and gone doesn't matter
Tis only what was coming in the end

After all, twas I who stood silent
'gotta be quiet, not say a thing' a voice says,
all the while, screaming on the inside

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