goodnight, young love

December 29, 2008
By K-BOX SILVER, The Colony, Texas
K-BOX SILVER, The Colony, Texas
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i’ll say goodnight to young love

the red petals and poems that you’re sick of
i’ll say goodnight to romance

i’ll snuff my gentle, innocuous glance
i’ll say goodnight to long phone calls

the tender ache of mine caterwauls

i’ll say goodnight to sweating and huffing

“i love yous” and bluffing
i’ll say goodnight to the plans and the hope

my words are too sudden that you choke

for that I’ll say goodnight to you

to your milk-cream thighs that I pursue
to your petite lips and pale toes

to your pink tongue and your nose

to your vile intentions and two-faces

to the wordless voids and empty spaces
to my obsession, my stupidity

and my self-fulfilling toxicity

to this I bid ado

to us, me and you

to everything you ever told me, now lies

all can be forgotten in silent goodbyes

i’ll say goodnight to happiness

and later good morning to distress

i’ll say goodnight to naivety, allure

i’ll try to grow-up and be mature
i’ll say goodnight to those childish games
those spotless pet names

that now makes me insane

late-night, pounding in my brain

i’ll say goodnight to you.

The author's comments:
A good poem is the best revenge. I'm not supposed to say that, but its so true. Totes.

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