Forever... No One...

December 29, 2008
By Anonymous

So many tears locked behind my eyes
So much pain buried somewhere deep inside
To deep for even I to find
No is one there

To late to turn back now
No one knows why
Why those welting scares
Lay on my arm

The razor kissing my wrist,
One way or another
Those tears will be shed
But only now in red,

A warm feeling deep inside
My dripping wrist seers
A small price to pay for the relief
From being trapped inside my mind

Yet no one knows
No one cares
And that’s way it shale remain

Until the very last kiss
Of the razors tongue
And one last trip
To a place I’ve come to know to well

Only this the last
This time I won’t return
Because no one knew
And no one cared
And that’s the way it shale remain

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