December 28, 2008
Just stop and wait and pause for a while
And think all about the importance of style
Because is it really that serious?
Will we be delirious if we're not sidekick superior?
‘Cuz I don’t have a sidekick and I’m still alive
So its not one of those things we need to survive

All of this is setting up a social divide
Where you ain't cool unless you can hide
Behind a pile of your material possessions
All the while your parents' pockets are shrinkin’
With the burden of supporting your material addiction
We really need to start ditchin’ this fad
‘Cuz we got it bad

All the hype about growin’ up fast
Don’t wanna come in last
Gotta stay ahead of the class but not in intelligence
Stay ahead in dollars and cents

Young boys thinkin’ girls are toys
Use 'em quick, use ‘em fast
Trapped in the heartache of the future and the past
Young girls goin’ from Rocawear to maternity wear
To can’t get anywhere

Since when did life become about getting’ into so-and-so’s pants
And not about your future college plans
When did it become all about gettin’ that cutie to see you in that skirt
When in front of his friends he treats you like dirt
And can you please tell me when pickin’ up some paper and a pen became less important than a bottle of gin?

I’m not dissin’ yo dreams
Or baggin’ on your needs
I just want you to know that
It’s more important to succeed
Because knowledge is the key
And the world is full of locked doors
Every day is a test
And you only pass what you’ve studied for

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