The Ancient Mirror

December 28, 2008
By Sara Klehfoth, Elkhart, IN

Upon an August evening,
In a boat on Wawasea,
Just before the sun had set,
I knew it was time to leave.

I pulled up on my anchor,
And much to my surprise,
I found a silver treasure,
That sparkled in my eyes.

The treasure was square and thin,
Silver with a golden rim,
And on the back was written,

And so I sat there wondering,
My curiousity was stirred,
As my reflection faded,
I saw the rest was blurred.

As the pictured cleared,
I saw what it could show,
A world so terrible and dark,
One I didn't want to know.

But the shadow didn't pass,
The picture did not fade,
And as I sat there watching,
I became afraid.

It was a window in the future,
It was yet to come,
What we've done to paradise,
And it struck me dumb.

The shade collapsed in fire,
And the light began to shine,
And then the mirror split,
A crack in one fine line.

In shock I sat there crying,
With silent tears shed on face,
I couldn't bear another glance,
At that terrible, dreadful place.

I gently set the mirror down,
And watched as it sank under,
With a broken heart I left,
And in the distance I heard thunder.

I watched the water fade,
I watched the stars come out,
I watched as shadows crept,
And fear began to sprout.

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