Beauty of Love

December 28, 2008
By Karissa Raney, Portland, OR

There are no words to describe how I feel
No thoughts that can surpass the length of time
What we have, let it bloom
Always know that what we have is real

Mountains seem more like hills in comparison to my love
Flowers lose their scent when placed against it
Hate and fear cower in overwhelming anxiety
Nothing can stand against my beloved

(Take away all the dust and grime
Take the power and the money
Take it all away!
But leave what is mine)

I heard the sound of fireworks in the air
I heard cries of joy, cries of wonderment
And I thought of you
So take, my beloved, my greatest prayer

May all your days thrive in bliss
Count the numerous stars and know you matter
Rest in my arms and enjoy our everlasting love
And before the day ends, the setting sun shall smile upon our sweet kiss

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