The School of The Sea

December 28, 2008
By Anonymous

As hours pass, in one day
The Sea matures
First protected by clouds
Thick and hovering
Then left, with the clouds far overhead
To see what will come from its waves
There will be the sand
Rising and falling when The Sea rises and falls
Loyal and never associated with anything but
The Sea

And there will be the boats
Going against the flow of The Sea
Defiant but never posing much of a threat to
The Sea
And also the fish
Familiar to the Sea, but just that
Neither friend nor foe to, The Sea

And then will come the wind
Blowing and pushing The Sea like never before
Until it is disastrous
The boats will be tossed
And the Sea will feel strong
Finally in control of its enemies
But the wind will not feel satisfied
It tugs and pulls, on the water
Until the fish are destroyed also
The Sea, fierce now
Unable to be touched, so self-destructive

The wind won’t let it rest
It continues to swirl The Sea
Until it doesn’t know what is right
And it attacks the sand
The forever-loyal sand
But to the Sea’s dismay
It realizes the sand is gone
The wind pushed it away
And the sand, no longer recognizing its friend
Was too afraid to return
And there was nothing left for The Sea to destroy,
But himself

And the clouds, they swooped down once more
Thundering and crackling with electricity
“No” they shout “This is not what we want”
And the storm clears over The Sea and it knows what it has done
So much damage to be repaired
Some never will be
But finally The Sea has the strength to say no,
The sun shines through
Pushing those unimportant boats out once more
And the fish begin to swim again,
Because life goes on
Eventually, the sand
Cautiously creeps back to
The Sea
And the clouds, job complete,

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