Night and Day

December 27, 2008
By ZeroVa SILVER, Milpitas, California
ZeroVa SILVER, Milpitas, California
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I see the horizon,
But it seems so far.
I wait for the sun,
to rise from the stars.

I see the horizon.
I'm waiting for a sign,
That the day will arise,
And make the darkness decline.

I want to see a day,
When we don't discriminate,
A day
When we put aside our hate.

I want to see a day,
When we look into each others' eyes,
A day
When we put aside our lies.

I want to see a day,
When the rain will halt,
And a day when we stop throwing salt,
At the wounds that we've inflicted,
That are our fault.

I want to see a day,
when we look past skin deep.
A day
When beauty isn't what we seek.

I want to see day,
When we don't need protection,
A day
When we break through misdirection.

A day when our egos are silent,
A day when the world is not violent.
When there are no people
On the street
Who have to beg
For something to eat.

A day when we try not to be
A day when arrogance is somehow defeated.

A day when we cleanse hearts,
Instead of tearing them apart.
A day when no one dies,
A day when instead of smoke,
We see blue skies.
A day when die of age,
not because of stress or rage.

Is that too much to want,
Is that so much to ask?
Can't we live a single day,
Without having to wear a mask?

The way things are going,
I'm starting to give into the night,
Starting to lose sight
of that day because it's so far away.
All I can do is dream,
about fixing what seems,
to be the cause of the crisis,
We put on ourselves.

I'll still stand on this horizon,
Waiting for a distant light,
A ray of sun signaling the end,
To this sad, starless night.

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